Happy to announce more growth at the clinic! Former high performance athlete Dustin Bru joins our team and starts up our physiotherapy department. If you have physiotherapy on your policy and are looking for a very comprehensive proactive approach ... don’t hesitate to see Dustin Bru.

Somatic Therapy

Ottawa’s Premiere Sports Therapy Clinic

“The OHPC offers excellent therapists; they’re personable, knowledgeable, hands-on and can think outside the box.”

– Duane Smith, Owner, Westboro Chiropractic Clinic

Somatic Therapy Ottawa

Looking to get more out of your workouts?

Want to move with ease? At OHPC, our Somatic Movement Specialist will use innovative re-patterning techniques to get your body moving more efficiently and to function in the most effective way.

Don’t hesitate to book an assessment with one of our therapists now and experience the difference.

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