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Massage Therapy

Ottawa’s Premiere Sports Therapy Clinic

“Massage therapy has been used successfully for thousands of years as treatment for injuries, and for relaxation.”

– Ottawa High Performance Centre

Massage Therapy Ottawa

The Registered Massage Therapists at the Ottawa High Performance Centre are trained in a variety of techniques including but not limited to:

  • swedish massage
  • trigger point therapy
  • myofascial techniques
  • graston technique,
  • ports massage
  • prenatal therapy.

A comprehensive assessment and individual treatment plan will be created specifically for you to provide relief and improve physical function while promoting a healthy recovery and maintenance. From aches, strains and sports related injuries to postural dysfunction and repetitive stress disorders, our Registered Massage Therapists will get you feeling and functioning at your best

Don’t hesitate to book an assessment with one of our therapists now and experience the difference.

250 City Centre Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 1C7, Canada