Chronic Pain?

Don’t suffer any longer. The comprehensive team at OHPC is here to help educate and guide you with your injury.

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Are You A Weekend Warrior Missing Your Favourite Sports?

Get treated like the top athletes do. Get back to your passions quick and safely.

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Are You A High Performance Athlete Looking To Improve Your Game?

This is what the therapists at OHPC are trained for. Premiere athletes getting treated by premiere therapists.

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How Does Athletic Therapy Differ?

Athletic Therapy is a very unique and comprehensive profession. Athletic Therapists are trained to assess and treat the root cause of your injury. During your one on one treatment with your Athletic Therapist, you will be educated about your injury/condition and leave with a plan of attack that you and your therapist will work at together.

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Ask Us About Custom Knee Bracing

Custom knee braving couldn’t be more convenient now. OHPC is now offering custom knee braces. Get it fitted and pick it up right here at the clinic! Talk to one of our Athletic Therapists and see if a custom knee brace is right for you.

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OHPC Team Rates & Heroes Program

The OHPC offers team rates on all our services. Please contact the OHPC for more details and to see how to get team rates for your team.

In honor of the service and commitment  to our great city and country, Ottawa High Performance Centre dedicates a Hero rate applicable on all our services.

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I’ve been a runner for 40+ years and a coach for 35… in all my years of running, the OHPC offers the best athletic therapy I’ve found…

– Ken Parker, Founder and Coach, Ottawa Athletic Club Racing Team


Since 2000, the Ottawa High Performance Centre has been empowering athletes of all levels throughout the National Capital Region to perform at their best. We work with people who simply want to keep moving to ensure a high quality of life; recreational athletes and weekend warriors; and elite athletes who are champions in their fields.

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